August Wilson Center Update
Diversity In Primetime
Lions Linebacker Tulloch Out for the Season
Seattle Beats Denver in Super Bowl 48 Rematch
Iconic Artist Releases New Music
WH Balks at Wasserman-Schultz Controversy
Firebomb Suspect Charged
Hornets sting Golden Lions 42-7
Nicki Minaj Wig Case Tossed
Mathew Knowles: You are the Father!
More Sherri Shepherd Drama
Wis. Militia Group Targeting Blacks at Polls?
Congress Approves ISIS Plan
Black College Football Weekly: Week #4
Officials Closer to Airstrikes Against ISIS
'Snitching' and Police Community Relations
Another NFL Player Arrested
Ebola Concerns Around the World
Iggy Azalea Fires Back
Rep. Wilson Keeps Nigerian Girls in Spotlight
A Divided CBC on Syria-ISIS Vote
Angels are AL West Champs
West Point Cadet Suing Patti Labelle
Pres. Obama, John Kerry on ISIS Strategy
McAllister Minute: 'Blacks Behind the Curve'
FSU Benches Winston for 'Vulgar' Remark
Texas Woman Executed for Starvation of Child
The NFL and its Strict Drug Testing Policy
Peterson Deactivated Again
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
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Money Matters September 22, 2014

Alfred Edmond, Jr. keeps your money secure...

Hollywood Live with Tanya Hart September 22, 2014

Tanya Hart reports on the latest from the world of celebrity news and gossip...

Digital Lifestyle September 22, 2014

Mario Armstrong gives you tips and tricks of the latest gadgets...

HealthWatch with Dr. Ian Smith September 22, 2014

Dr. Ian Smith gives professional medical advice...

White House Report with April Ryan September 22, 2014

White House Correspondent April Ryan gives updates from Washington...

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News in a Minute - 8pm Edition
Pat Griffin
September 22, 2014

Florida loud music killing case gets second trial, and jury begins review of the fatal Ohio WalMart shooting.

Sports in a Minute - Afternoon Edition
David Perkins
September 22, 2014

The Jets host the Bears in MNF, the Atlanta Braves fire their GM, the Dodgers host the Giants and Winston is again the starter.

1. Bethune-Cookman 246 pts.
2. Alcorn State 221 pts.
3. North Carolina A&T 183 pts.
4. *Tennessee State 168 pts.
5. Texas Southern 156 pts.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy star Zoe Saldana walked the red carpet for the Hispanic Heritage Awards at Warner Theatre in Washington, DC last night.

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