Church Bus Crash Kills 8
Update on Fort Meade Shooting
Pres. Obama Honors Sen. Edward Kennedy
Political Jones Report: 'Not'
Destiny's Child Reunites to Perform Say Yes
Woods Donates Money to Honor Sifford
NAACP: We Need to Cut Toxic Emission
Elections to be Held in Nigeria
White House Has Questions About Iran
Harry Reid Leaving Office
2015 Stellar Awards Exclusive Interviews
German Co-Pilot Hid Illness From Employer
Ice Cube Remembers Eazy-E
Michigan Man Beaten/Tased During Traffic Stop
Rep. Thompson: The Importance of HBCUs
Reining in Unscrupulous Payday Lenders
The 'Sweet 16' Tips-Off Tonight
UPDATED: Building Collapses in New York City
Political Jones Report: 'Gone'
SCOTUS Sends Redistricting Case Back to AL
J.C. Watts: Dispelling Myths About SNAP Fraud
Germanwings Plane Crash 'Intentional'
Selma 50th Wraps Up in Montgomery, AL
Former Congressman to Leave Prison
Cissy Houston Breaks Silence on Granddaughter
Could Race Be a Factor: Lynch Not Confirmed
US Military to Charge Bergdahl with Desertion
UN Unveils Slavery Memorial
Are Slaves Catching the Fish You Buy?
Daughters of MLK Jr. & George Wallace Unite
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Money Matters March 30, 2015

Alfred Edmond, Jr. keeps your money secure...

Hollywood Live with Tanya Hart March 30, 2015

Tanya Hart reports on the latest from the world of celebrity news and gossip...

White House Report with April Ryan March 30, 2015

April Ryan reports on the latest news from the White House...

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News in a Minute - 7pm Edition
Vicki Cohill
March 30, 2015

Indiana plans language to 'clarify' religious objections law, and Actress Taraji P Henson has apologized for accusing police officers of racially profiling her son. 

Sports in a Minute - Afternoon Edition
Ty Miller
March 30, 2015

The NBA's Cavaliers are streaking and the last two teams to make it to the Final Four are Michigan State and Duke. Ty Miller has more.

1. *Alcorn State 267 pts.
2. Bethune Cookman 194 pts.
3. Southern University 183 pts.
4. North Carolina A&T 179 pts.
5. Virginia State 156 pts.

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Opening day of the 2015 NCAA Basketball 'March Madness' tournament. This game features Texas vs Butler. (AURN Photo / Brian Cook)

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