HBCU Student Attacked By Police Dog
Oklahoma Executions on Hold
National Drugs Fact Week
Media Day at the Super Bowl
GA Executes Disabled Man Amid Protests
Marissa Alexander Released From Prison
Marshawn Lynch: I'm Here So I Don't Get Fined
Deion Sanders’ Charter School To Shutdown
First Lady Forgoes Headscarf In Saudi Arabia
What's next for Klay Thompson?
'Dope' Movie is Dope at Sundance
REPORT: 'Shame on U.S.'
Lil Wayne and Birdman Declare War
Anita Baker Sued
Patriots Arrive in Arizona for SB 49
Man Takes Blame for WH Drone Incident
Denver Police Shoot Kill Teen Who Hit Officer
[UPDATED] Winter Weather Cripples Northeast
Ex-Fox Producer Kills Self Outside Building
Appeals Court Hears Assisted Suicide Cases
Political Jones Report: 'Better'
Miss Colombia Crowned Miss Universe in Miami
Course on 'Whiteness' Raises Eyebrows at ASU
More Chris Brown Jail Drama
Dexter King Drops Lawsuit Against King Center
[UPDATED] Drone Lands at White House
Secretary of State John Kerry in Nigeria
Preparing for Epic Snowstorm
Ernie 'Mr. Cub' Banks Dies at Age 83
Hawks Go For 15th Straight Wins
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White House Report with April Ryan January 28, 2015

White House Correspondent April Ryan gives updates from Washington...

Money Matters January 28, 2015

Alfred Edmond, Jr. keeps your money secure...

Hollywood Live with Tanya Hart January 28, 2015

Tanya Hart reports on the latest from the world of celebrity news and gossip...

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News in a Minute - 7pm Edition
Vicki Cohill
January 28, 2015

Extremists rampage in northeast Nigeria, no troops fighting, and Chris Brown forced to postpone US tour as judge would not sign off on travel.

Sports in a Minute - Morning Edition
David Perkins
January 28, 2015

Raptors and Cavs win away from home, Media Day at SB 49 and Serena Williams heads to the semi-finals 'down under.'

1. *Alcorn State 267 pts.
2. Bethune Cookman 194 pts.
3. Southern University 183 pts.
4. North Carolina A&T 179 pts.
5. Virginia State 156 pts.

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Actress Tracee Ellis post a couple of fun picture of her and her dad Robert Ellis Silberstein on instagram. (

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